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Growing up in Williamsburg, Virginia with both of my parents as public school teachers, I was encouraged to paint, create and problem solve throughout my childhood.
Currently, living and working at my home studio in Richmond, Virginia, I’ve been given the moniker the “South Side Renaissance Man.” It describes the varying range of artistic and creative subject matter, materials and mediums in which I choose to make my voice heard.

As an artist, I’m committed to employing conversation and honesty in the art work I produce. With work that serves as commentary of American politics and society, themes also include exploration of social condition with an expressionistic style to my paintings.  The CITYSCAPES IN NOIR series demonstrates personal, emotional conflict and social disconnection through deliberate placement of shadow and light to draw attention to isolated subjects in the paintings. These works painted with oil and acrylic on canvas
and paper are inspired by American painters Edward Hopper and Charles Sheeler.

Outside of the 2-dimensional paintings on canvas, my work also spans into 3-dimensional work incorporating steel, antiques and found objects inspired by the "steampunk” movement. As the work has become practical art for everyday use, the term "FOUNDPUNK" has become a more appropriate description for the mixed medium furniture, unique small works and sculptural pieces created.

As I continue to create, inspiration will direct me to experiment with various materials, explore new methods and force me to think differently
about the art I create while maintaining honesty and conversation with the viewers and collectors of my work.


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